Safe in Turkey

Just a quick note to reassure you that we are safe in Turkey, far from the earthquake. A funny thing happened while waiting for our flight to Istanbul in the Paris airport. A blog follower named Nobuco from Columbia (S. America) recognized me when we sat next to each other while waiting for our respective planes. I didn’t think I was noticeable, but she asked, “Are you the blogger who sews?”. One thing I have noticed about women my age outside of the US (or New England), is that there are very few of us who keep our hair naturally gray, so we stand out.

Turkey is an amazing country and I’m taking pictures to share later. We’re eating lots of figs.

And Clementines.

13 thoughts on “Safe in Turkey

  1. Mercy! I saw the first photo and thought that was you, wrapped up in bandages or emerging covered in plaster dust from a fallen building after the quake! Glad I enlarged it and studied it a bit before worrying any further.
    Good to hear you’re safe and enjoying the bounty of the land. My parents just got back from Turkey (a trip to celebrate my father’s retirement) and called it “the trip of a lifetime.” Such an extraordinary place!

  2. Okay, Salley, I just have to know about your costume,….please explain. What gorgeous pictures of the fruit…..inspiration everywhere, seems to me! Have a wonderful time.

  3. That is fantastic that you and a blog reader met up that way in Paris! What a small world!

    I guess that is true about our graying hair in New England…though I hadn’t given that much thought!

    Have fun on your trip…those figs and clementines look great!

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