fiddlers on the roof

As we were heading in from our mooring in Great Harbor we couldn’t help but notice  some house boats had rafted together in a clump, with people all over. They were celebrating a friend named Kenny’s 60th birthday, Woods Hole style.

Guests either rowed, sailed or motored to the party, tying up their boats to one of the rafts.

We were hailed aboard by Alison, the birthday boy’s wife.

There were fiddlers on the roof!

We visited with friends for a bit and motored back to shore in our skiff, thinking how we love living in this place!

9 thoughts on “fiddlers on the roof

  1. I live in Seattle, the houseboat capital of the Great NW. I have never seen houseboats tied together like this…wild, crazy and fun! Hope you had a great time!

  2. This is another amazing photo tale, and you are so right about where you live…a blessing indeed! I only think about my next visit to the Cape and you are able to experience it every day. I do hope to visit you, should our path return to Woods Hole in the near future.

  3. I DO love living here too. Other people save up all year long to spend one or two weeks here and we “just” get to live here year-round! Always enjoy seeing the house boats sooo much in/on Eel Pond or “out at sea”…Great pics!

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