fabric memories

I’ve been cleaning up and organizing my fabric stash, which includes some old familiar prints. My mother made a jumper out of this folksy blue fabric that my sister and I both wore.


I remember wearing a dress out of this red pattern in about 3rd grade. It was in the days when girls had to wear dresses to school. We would put shorts on underneath, so that we could climb the jungle jim!

This black fabric was a skirt.

We used a lot of Marimekko fabric in the 60’s. The memories are strong. It’s hard to choose what to keep and what to part with.

10 thoughts on “fabric memories

  1. Personally, I could not part with any of it…though I also need to purge my own fabric stash, Yes…hard choices. How about a scrapbook with swatches of favorites and a little note about them?

    I remember woolen snow leggings that we tucked our dresses into. They had suspenders! My own children had nylon “snow suits” and snow overalls. Now kids go out in tee shirts in the snow!

  2. I remember so clearly my favorite dresses from when I was a little girl, especially one made out of peach colored linen with daisy shaped buttons all down the front. Do little girls even wear dresses any more?

    Keep sll your wonderful fabric Salley and keep on sharing.

  3. What darling fabrics! I think the scrapbook idea is a fine one.

    Jenny, you’ll be pleased to know many li’l girls still love to wear dresses 🙂 Mine LOVED to wear them, especially colorful Hanna Andersson ones, up until she was about 7 or 8…my niece of that age still does…and I know a bunch of girls who wore them up til about age 9 or 10…and yep, they would wear shorts under them if they knew they were doing cartwheels that day!

    My mom saved a bunch of the dresses I had as a toddler so I was able to put them on my daughter, at least for snapping a picture (different size, time of year of birth, and part of country made it impractical to have her wear them much). It was fun to share them that way w/my mom.

  4. I remember wearing (sneaking) shorts under my dresses, too! I also remember those awful leggings with the big brass zippers going up the legs- ugh- how we hated them!
    Your fabric is wonderful- I’ll buy it! 🙂 I especially love the first picture. I’m always surprised at how my brain never forgets a pattern and the memories it evokes.

  5. Hold onto them until you have other memorable fabrics that might go with them and stitch up a pieced quilt and pay someone else to do machine quilting on it. Then you’d have a quilt that would go on in the family and commemorate your mother’s and your talent. You could wait until you have grandkids and make it for one of them even. Don’t get rid of it. That would be sad. I have a dress that I took apart that was one of my favorite from when I was about 8 or so. I took it apart a long time ago and will use pieces of the fabric in projects to keep it going. It’s a green/black/orange red Tyrolean type print and I loved that dress. My mom made it for me and she died in May of 2009. I also have little pieces of one of my favorite church dresses in my childhood scrapbook. It was black velvet on top and striped sort of a satin on the bottom (more of a ribbed type of fabric and quite beautiful). Just those little swatches bring back so many memories. My mom would go to Bullocks Wilshire in Los Angeles (back then THE place to go and shop) and look at all of the new fashions for little girls and then go home and copy them for me. She could just look at something and duplicate it. She also dressed my best girlfriend (she felt sorry for her because she was so athletic she was thin and mom thought her store-bought clothes hung on her so she fit them better and it made her look less skinny…..oh to have that problem)….so we dressed alike our whole childhood. So….don’t get rid of them….they are, quite apart from your memories and the fact your mom made them, quite cool fabrics. Your mom picked well.

  6. I love these fabrics. I hope you can keep the ones you like a lot, too. They are unique by today’s standards. I have a few fabrics from when I was in high school. I am using bits of them in my quilts. But scraps from dresses your mother made….those do seem like treasures. We used to wear dresses to school, too. They were short, and in hot weather in North Carolina, our legs would stick to the school chairs. Whew. How did we survive? Beth

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