Treasures: shell cards

I’ve cherished this set of shell decorated place cards since I was a child and remember thinking that they were too special to write on. They are kept in the same cardboard jewelry box I stored them in 40 years ago.   

I love the simple scenes using tiny colored shells, with watercolor accents.

This girl with a shell bonnet and bouquet decorates a bridge score card.

12 thoughts on “Treasures: shell cards

  1. They are far too lovely to use as place cards, I quite agree. The girl with the bonnet is very clever. Good to see something to remind us of summer on a rather dull January day, thanks! :0)

  2. These are darling! They remind me of a box decorated of shells that my mom showed me recently–it had been hers as a girl, too, and was filled with old shells and bits and bobs that she’d used to make shell jewelry back in the ’40s. So sweet. I wonder how they came into your life–a gift I guess?

  3. I would have saved them, too. They remind me of cards and artwork that I saw in Florida when I was a child near Sanibel and Captiva, the famous shell islands. Love seashells, love the sea…what treasures those cards are!

    Time to celebrate! Pocketful of Posies arrived yesterday. Those are my childhood nursery rhymes, too. Happy to see my favorite: there was a little girl who had a little curl…

    Can’t wait until they come to UCONN and we see them in person!

  4. Salley….your latest posting wouldn’t open. It gave me a sign that said “error….” and some error number but can’t remember what number. Anyway, wondered if I was the only person who got that.

  5. Interesting to think how much influence the simple art on these charming cards have had on your work. How exciting for child Salley to see how 3-D real objects can be incorporated into a
    flat work of art. Wonderful.

  6. Hello to Salley, and thanks for sharing these shell cards. I have some similar cards from my dear aunt, which I salvaged when we cleaned out her house a few years ago. It must have been a fairly common craft and a resourceful way to use those lovely shells that were collected while beachcombing. I think it would be a wonderful way to pass a cold and wintry January or February day…thank you for the inspiring ways you challenge me to be creative! Blessings and happy snow season to you…as we all look ahead to spring and summer, when we can collect more shells!

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