Woods Hole: porches

I live on Cape Cod, near the village of Woods Hole, where I grew up. With several scientific institutions clustered on a tiny peninsula, Woods Hole is much more than a tourist town or the gateway to Martha’s Vineyard. My biologist grandfather began coming here about 100 years ago to set up a summer laboratory. Later, my father stayed to work in oceanographic research and our family lived in the village year round.

Lately, I’ve been riding my bicycle around the familiar streets, taking pictures of sights I find interesting and memorable, like this series of porches.

School St.

Middle St.

Quissett Ave.

Woods Hole Yacht Club, Bar Neck Rd.

12 thoughts on “Woods Hole: porches

  1. These are wonderful pictures, Salley. We live in the Midwest, but have a lovely front porch that faces our quiet street. A perfect place to take coffee and enjoy the tree lined serenity.


  2. Sally,

    Thank you for the wonderful story and the beautiful photographs. I miss Massachusetts, my childhood was spent on Revere Street at Boston’s Beacon Hill. There is no better place to be during Autumn that where you are.

    Warmest Regards,

  3. Wonderful photos. I especially love the reflection of the water in the windows, What a wonderful place to live!

    We have a tiny front porch with the ceiling painted blue like many homes in New England. It’s a few few from the sidewalk and not very big. It is a typical mill town type home built 101 years ago. I love standing on the porch in any weather…even snow storms…and thinking about the people in the past who stood on this porch.

    Hasn’t the weather been wonderful he past few days? Makes up for that nasty hot summer we had in New England.

  4. What is nice about this post is that the “rush” is over. The pressure is off. Salley is out on her bike and just looking at the beauty around her – filling up her creativity “cup”!! =) We lived on the Sea for 18 years and I miss it so much!! It gorgeous Salley – thank you for sharing.

  5. I love how the porch windows reflect what the folks see from their amazing vantage points. Thank you again for sharing a bit of your lovely surroundings. I love our own front porch, but it would be even grander with a view of the ocean!

  6. I grew up on School Street in my home town and am about to move back to live in my childhood home again. What a wonderful reminder of the porch I am about to move back to! There is something about an old house with a porch that can’t be duplicated in modern homes…

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