Green bird dress

Recently, I took a break from sewing felt borders and made some children’s clothes for friends. This green bird dress is made with the same Burda pattern as Alex’s dress. The fabric is Gypsy Song by Susan Winget for Benartex. This time, I remembered to add on seams when cutting out the pattern. Last time I used this European pattern, I neglected to read about this difference and ended up with a much smaller dress than intended.

I used a green checked fabric for the collar and pockets. It was fun to play with my sewing machine, which hardly ever comes out of storage. I used a decorative leaf stitch around the collar.

It didn’t show up well enough, so I ripped it out and replaced it with a yellow scalloped stitch.

I found some bird buttons in my button box.

This dress might be too big now, but it should fit my little friend for a while. I hope she calls it her green bird dress.

9 thoughts on “Green bird dress

  1. Adorable…love your fabric choices and attention to detail. The buttons are perfect! The recipient will be as cute as a button in this dress! When my daughters were young, I made all their clothes. Brings back memories of sewing. Have not sewn a garment in years. Would like a green bird dress for myself!

  2. Sewing is becoming a lost art, and I so want to learn. My mother sewed but would not teach me. This is a charming little dress! What a lucky little girl who will get to have it!

  3. This dress brings back memories of some of the dresses I made for my daughters. It was fun picking out the fabrics and enjoying the finished results when the girls wore them.
    I hope the little girl’s Mom who receives this dress holds onto it for future little ones in the family.

  4. Awww…I love this dress. I used to make a lot of my kids’ clothes when they were little. Now I have a granddaughter, but her mum seems to prefer what’s on offer at Target…Ha ha!
    I never would have thought to use the gingham with the bird fabric and I love the way it looks! What a lucky little girl. 🙂 – Jules

  5. What a charming fabric and style! Love this little frock. What fun to sew for little girls!!!!! The buttons are just perfect!

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