Inspiration: wild flowers on bike path

Sunday was another beautiful morning on the bike path to Woods Hole. All around me there were people setting up traffic cones and water stations for the triathlon. I managed to take a few pictures before the race started at 7:30. I’ve just been informed by a reader that the invasive knapweed below is a neuro-toxin and should not be handled!

Young Queen Anne’s Lace looks like an umbrella forced inside out by the wind.

And then later, the flower forms into a properly domed umbrella.

5 thoughts on “Inspiration: wild flowers on bike path

  1. You have captured the grace of a summer’s afternoon in these photographs. I felt as if I was on the afternoon’s ride through the country. THANK you for sharing this moment. Imagine and live in Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Dear Salley,

    Thank you for sharing the colorful wildflower pictures from your morning bike ride. It’s fortunate for us to ‘ride along’ with you! Just a note, your first picture is of a noxious weed, known as Knapweed. It is highly invasive and a known neuro-toxin. Knapweed is unsafe to touch by unprotected hands and skin, Forest Service workers here in Idaho who hand removed it from hillsides along our famous white-water rivers have had to have their fingers and hands removed due to the life threatening consequences as a result of contact with this dangerous weed. It first made it’s appearance on the west coast at the turn of the century as a stowaway in ship’s ballast coming from the far eastern seaports of Russia. Railways then continued it’s introduction into the far west.

    • Thanks for the information, Nikki. I didn’t touch the weed and will be sure not to, now. There are many invasive plants on our coast and I wasn’t aware of this variety.

  3. The flowers are beautiful and I love to see the results of your bicyling trips! What fascinating info about the knapweed. So, is there a push to eradicate this plant from the earth? Sounds like a good idea to me!

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