Inspiration: flower garden in July

With a good balance of sun and rain, along with warm temperatures early in the spring, it’s been an incredible garden season. Both vegetables and flowers are healthy and beautiful. At this point, I just grow flowers that are easy and take care of themselves. If they live through the winter, I divide the plants in the spring and give them away or find new ground to cover.

I forgot to cut back the trumpet vine this year and it looks more like a tree than a vine.

The clematis is so showy and brilliant purple.

Lilies are taking over!

I love the way hydrangea look at their different stages of growth. This could be clusters of french knots or seed beads.

More and more lillies.

8 thoughts on “Inspiration: flower garden in July

  1. In my garden in France (west), the flowers are on the same way !! “French knots” about hydrangea… , I have never thought that before but yes, you are right :-))

  2. I just love hydrangeas. There is something about the abundance of petals and the richness of color. And indeed – French knots hits it on the head – sometimes I wish I could paint. Salley – you are a painter with fabric and thread. Surrounded by all this beauty it is no wonder you have the inspiration you do! Thanks for this pleasant stroll through your garden.

  3. What a joy to see these beautiful flowers! I love the trumpet vines….oh, my, love the pink and the shapes! I am so excited about the possibilities of french knots on hydrangeas. We have a yard full of these gorgeous flowers, in all different types and shades. Thank you for sharing yours with us!

  4. Salley, I think that you should put out a book of your photographs. Beside each photograph, you could do a felt and embroidery version of the flower. Have you thought about this beforeby any chance?

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