Woods Hole in May (land and sea)

view of Great Harbor from Woods Hole Yacht Club

 This weekend, we went out in our motor boat and took an early evening tour of the local area. We left Great Harbor in Woods Hole and cruised through Woods Hole Passage to Hadley’s Harbor on Naushon Island.

Bull Island, Naushon Is.

Boat House on Hadley's Harbor, Naushon Is.

Some summer people are starting to arrive, but it’s still quiet. It’s still too cold to go swimming! We cruised along the shore of Buzzard’s Bay.

Penzance Point, Woods Hole from Buzzard's Bay

We came back to the Woods Hole Yacht Club. In a month, the dinghy lines will all be full.

Woods Hole Yacht Club

Across the street from the yacht club are some great houses on Bar Neck Rd.

house on Bar Neck Rd., Woods Hole

My family rented this house with the red door, when I was about 6 years old.

Bar Neck Rd., Woods Hole

 The Woods Hole May Festival, which my mother started about 40 years ago, was on Saturday at the ball park. It’s a chance for the year ’rounders to come out of hibernation and socialize. Here’s my cousin showing his ’38 John Deere tractor, which he and his father put together from old parts.

'38 John Deere

  And there’s always a May Pole dance with live music. Summer has almost begun!

May Pole at Woods Hole May Festival

6 thoughts on “Woods Hole in May (land and sea)

  1. Oh, what fun! What a nice way to begin the summer. I love the house with the red door! In our town, Bay City, Or, we always had a big May Day Festival at our school, which is no longer there. It brought back memories seeing your photos. Thank you!

  2. Wow! This looks like a LOT of fun! Your weather looks terrific. Here in Seattle it has been nearly two weeks now of steady rain. I’ll be wishing for rain again, though, when it gets hot and sticky in August, or maybe even July. I can sure see where a lot of your inspiration comes from, Salley. LOVE your cousin’s tractor.

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