2 thoughts on “PFOPPG26_27

  1. Salley, I find the scalloped, embroidered, and wired pie edge extraordinarily perfect as a final finish for the original work.

    I love all your work so very much.

    Please take extreme care of that wrist – my own hands have recovered quite remarkably from rheumatoid arthritis, and much of that success was due to me changing my ways – so very difficult to do – from ‘soldiering on’ through whatever the odds, to finish whatever I began. I was advised to find out how many minutes I could sew etc before the pain began, and instead sew for one minute less that that (at the beginning, that meant using my hands for not even as long as a minute at a time, giving them a 15 minute rest (or hot-water soak) before resuming for one precious minute – which has lengthened to a good twenty now (had been known in my previous life to be able to keep at it for more than 6 hours through the night if ‘necessary’ – poor hands). My other BIG tip is to say thank you to your wrist for helping you out – especially if you ever find yourself cursing it! Such a simple change, yet that made all the difference. I didn’t curse my hands, but I did plead with them to stay with me, to keep going, and I wept with the frustration of them not doing what I expected of them; all rather dramatic and frantic! A dear friend said to me “Usha, you’d never talk to the children that way, would you?” (I was a teacher of 6-7-8 year-olds – I never did.) So very true her insight was that I switched on the spot, and found life so much easier with the new loving and appreciative attitude.

    Love and appreciation is what I feel about how much you share of the way you work, thank you.


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