Alex’s dress

I love to sew children’s clothes and especially enjoy making dresses for little girls. This special girl, Alex, started wearing her blue dress last summer and it still fit her this past Easter in Woods Hole. I like her matching ensemble of jeans and rubber boots. Her parents and grandparents have been family friends for many years and they sent these photos of their little girl to share. I’ve included pictures of the fabric and pattern.

10 thoughts on “Alex’s dress

  1. Oh, how CUTE! I love the pattern. Not sure why, but it reminds me of Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. It’s probably the same blue of the cover of the book.

    • I made a bunch of dresses last summer, after I finished the Pocketful of Posies book. It was like a prize at the end. I had to act quickly before my little friends got big!

  2. Unique and adorable collar – and the little girl is scrumptious. Isn’t it great when we get photos of the gift recipient enjoying the gift we sent? Makes it that much more worthwhile!

  3. I LOVE the combo. My little granddaughter has been going to nurseryschool looking like a little Cindy Lauper as someone made her a petticoat. She wears it with everything… CM

  4. Love the dress and the memory of making similar ones for my (now grown) daughters. Our first granddaughter is expected in October and I look forward to making dresses for her. I love that dresses don’t have to be “prissy” and can be worn to the beach with jeans and boots – just my style.

    By the way – Alex’s grandmother is a dear friend of mine as well and she directed me to your web-site. I expect to be ordering some notecards soon – I love your aesthetic.

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