Favorites (sewing notions)

This collection of sewing memorabilia has come my way via grandmothers and great aunts. Inside the Queen Marie needle book are several packs of gold and silver eyed sharps. Don’t you just love the idolized cover scene of 3 generations sewing together? I’ve used some of this rick rack and these hooks & eyes make hinges and door handles in my artwork. And, call me old-fashioned, but I always wear a thimble.  

Queen Marie needle book

a selection of hook and eyes


buttons purchased at Gladding's for 10 cents

rick rack braid


family thimbles

4 thoughts on “Favorites (sewing notions)

  1. I have sewing treasures from both my paternal grandmother and maternal great grandmother. But there is something more wonderful then THINGS that holds all the generations of us needle wielders together. Magic?

    Happy New Year, Salley!

  2. I love the old packets and ephemera ! I didn’t grow up around any family so when I see these older things it reminds me of all the people they may have belonged to .What they might have been picked out for. I love old things just for that reason . It’s almost like keeping a story going. What a wonderful way to honor someone – including a piece of history in your work.

  3. When we cleaned out my grandparents’ farmhouse, the greatest treasures were to be found in my grandmother’s sewing room– by treasures, I mean both the items inside and the stories my mother and aunt told as we unearthed all those fabrics and sewing notions. Turns out my great grandfather was, among many other things, a skilled cobbler and tailor. I was given a box of wooden spools of strong, brightly-coloured cotton thread from his own work kit. I use them only rarely– mostly to sew buttons back on– but I love the thought of reaching back through time to do a bit of mending with my great grandfather “close at hand.”

  4. Love, Love your work. I love children’s stories and am looking forward to your new book due in the fall. I am so inspired by your creations!

    I have sewn and crafted since – I can’t remember when I did not. I orginally created dolls – but since getting into quilting it has been about 5 years since I have – My desire has been to combine the 2 loves -dolls & quilting- My fingers are itching and my mind is whirling!

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