Woods Hole Village Quilt

A few years ago, my friend Terry McKee and I designed and organized the making of a community quilt for the Woods Hole Public Library.

Center square of the Woods Hole Quilt

We asked local quilters to make squares depicting buildings and scenes from our Cape Cod village. I was honored to make the center square of the library, a familiar sight with a distinctive round stone exterior.  My family has lived here since the 1920’s when my scientist grandfather, James Mavor Sr., came to set up a lab at the Marine Biological Laboratory. As a child in the 60’s, I remember walking with my class the short distance to the library from the Woods Hole School (one of the quilt squares).  Today, the library is still a central part our community, one that reflects the unique charm and character of our village.

Woods Hole Public Library

In the process of making the library square, I found some stone wall fabric that looked remarkably like the building. I decided to liven up the scene with appliqued bushes and vines made with batik fabrics.  About twenty women worked on the quilt in 2006 and 2007, and it was hung in the Library stairwell in early 2008. Come and see our beautiful quilt! For those of you who travel on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, the library is just up the hill from the dock.

Detail of quilt center square

Stitching rope letters to the banner

The Woods Hole Community Quilt is now featured in a 2010 Calendar, which was made to celebrate the centennial year of the Woods Hole Public Library. Find out about the calendar here.

Terry McKee (left) and Salley Mavor with the framed Woods Hole Quilt

2 thoughts on “Woods Hole Village Quilt

  1. well… I would like to say something that makes a difference but the truth is that whenever I see something new from your work I become speechless. Just Love your work! And thank you for sharing!

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