Apple Orchard

This piece from 1992 was inspired by some metal apple crate tags which I found on our property on Cape Cod.  

APPLE ORCHARD, fabric relief by Salley Mavor, 1992, 22" x 27"

detail from APPLE ORCHARD

An apple orchard was here about 100 years ago and all that remains are these tags that appear from time to time on the ground in the woods. The metal is stamped with the names Fall Pippin, Baldwin and McIntosh. I’ve used them to frame the border, along with a kid leather lattice pie crust  in a silver bracelet pie dish. The woman’s pig fabric apron  is made from a childhood dress of my mother’s from about 1930. 

Metal apple crate tags, pie with leather lattice crust in a silver bracelet

Apple Crate tags

Over the years I’ve accumulated kid leather gloves from my grandmother and great aunts. It seems like ladies from their era could not have too many gloves. The leather is thin and easy to cut with scissors. It can also be painted with fabric or acrylic paint. 

kid leather gloves

6 thoughts on “Apple Orchard

  1. i am so happy that you are blogging now!
    i know your book and i love your work!!! you are a one of a kind!!!! so so so talented!!!!
    i’ll injoy seeing all the new stuf you make, over here.

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