My Shop

I am pleased to offer a selection of autographed books, posters, prints and cards in my ETSY Shop. Click here to enter the shop.

New offering: Faux flower petal skirts and wings to make fairy dolls (here).

Please Note: Blossom Fairy Kits have been discontinued.

9 thoughts on “My Shop

  1. What a fantastic hobby this is amazing. This takes a lot of patience to do I’m sure. You must have very nimble fingers Sally. These are just fantastic.
    Winnipeg Canada

  2. Hi Salley,
    I found your beautiful website while gathering info for my colleagues that have picked you for their author/illustrator to feature in their classroom during The Week of the Young Child.
    All I needed to do was show them one little board book (Wee Willie Winkie) and they were hooked !
    I’m so excited that the children and families at the center I work at will be nurtured and filled with wonder by seeing your incredible artwork.
    Happy Spring!
    Kim Rowntree

  3. Outstanding handwork! I love to embroider, haven’t done much of it lately but want to start again. Have made a few quilted pieces but sewing & creating like you would be a dream. So happy to have seen your work…what a talent.
    Roxanne Paul. :-)

  4. Dear Salley
    I was lucky to find a really nice kit of yours called Holly Berry Blossom Fairy. I saw that you stopped producing the kits, That is too bad! I wonder where I can find your book “Felt Wee
    Folk”?. Thank you for the inspiration, happy creating! – April Morgan

  5. Hi Salley
    I thoroughly enjoyed the article in this the March edition of Needle Arts. I ordered a kit years ago- and was hoping you still carried them! I did give your Pocket of Posies to a dear friend’s granddaughter. Needless to say, both continue to love reading it together! So happy to see you still creating such wonderfully creative works of art to inspire!

  6. I love your books. I am currently working on making your little dolls. I love the way you have made hands with fingers. Will your revised book show how to make the hands with fingers? Are you using wire for the fingers?

    • Thanks for writing, Mary and I’m glad that you are enjoying making the dolls. I decided not to show how to make the hands and fingers in the revised edition of Felt Wee Folk, as I consider that process proprietary and part of my personal artistic expression. The book will have plenty of other new ideas, just not the hands.

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