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My Facebook Pag
My Istagram Page
My Etsy Shop
Eight Cousins
  (my favorite bookstore, has autographed copies of my books) phone# 508.548.5548
Studio Goodwin Sturges  (my agency)

Beth Krommes
Holly Berry
Julie Paschkis
Melissa Sweet
Anna Vojtech
Molly Bang
Giles Laroche
Ashley Wolff

People who sew and use fibers to make cool things:

Anna Brahms
Mimi Kirchner
My Sweet Prairie
Adele Enersen
Martina Celerin
Chris Roberts-Antieau
Small Works In Wool
Plays With Needles
Blue Moon River
The Cart Before the Horse
Allie’s in Stitches
Janet Brandt
Ann Wood
Soft Earth Art

Ideas for children:

Acorn Pies
The Magic Onions
Wee Folk Art
Made by Joel

Misc. artists:

Anne Mavor (my sister)
Beatrice Coron
Fulvio Bonavia
Yulia Brodskaya
Jim Denevan
Patrick Dougherty
Elsa Mora
The Little People Project
Katherine Dunn
Harriet Diamond


13 thoughts on “websites and blogs

  1. Hi Salley,

    I can’t wait for next September when the book is published!!! Having made several of your wee folk from kits purchased at the Cotuit Art Center, a couple from you on a memorable visit to your studio last year, I look forward to every new thing you do.

    Beautiful photos on your friend Mimi’s site.

    Thank you for the hours of pleasure you have given me.

    Louise Anne Leader

  2. I made 2 Pilgrims and 2 Native Americans for Thanksgiving in a Moss garden…….I would love to show them to you. Is there any way to do that?..

  3. Salley, I just have to thank you for all the fun you’ve provided our family over the years. I took the Felt Wee Folk book and supplies to a family reunion years ago and we all had so much fun creating little fairies. Ever since there have been delightful creations coming from all of us because of you! Most recently, my daughter decided to have a Neverland themed nursery. I have had so much fun making all the storybook characters to decorate the room and mobile. I posted some of them on my Facebook page and all my friends went nuts over them! I hope you always enjoy creating, and feel blessed to have shared your love to so many others! We are huge fans of yours😊

  4. Sally I love your work! It’s insperational. Right now I’m trying to make Ancient Greece weefolk as well as a cyclops for kindergarteners.

  5. Salley,
    Had the privilege to see your amazing fairy tale and family tree exhibitions in PA Four generations of my ladies in my family could not stop being amazed at your incredibly detailed work. Thank you for bringing your wonderful work to Pennsylvania! It will be a pleasurable memory for a long time!

  6. You ought to connect with the producers of tv’s This is Us as last night’s 3/6/18 episode reflected on children’s sleeping places. Your upcoming textile art illustrated book seems so wonderful.

  7. Love your work and thank you for sharing details. I just ran across a fellow embroiderer who shares your interest in birds and 3-D work: She has a lovely 3-D walled garden, a robin on a branch, and some 3-D embellishments for boxes. Her work made me think of you!

  8. Hi Sally,
    I can tell you and your husband and countless other people worked hard on this. It is wonderful! Thank you, thank you. So creative and right on.

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