Studio insights

Here’s a glimpse at some of the many photos I’ve been taking in and around my studio with my phone camera. It’s really an excuse to play with my toys! I love how quick and easy it is to snap close-up images and share them on Facebook and Instagram. But, since not everyone wants to be tethered to multiple social media platforms, I thought I’d show a recent selection of my daily photos on this blog, too.

There are pictures of old and newer pieces, from my collection of insects made 37 years ago, to original bas relief children’s book illustrations, to newer wee folk characters from Felt Wee Folk. These days, I’m pretty busy working on some exciting projects that I can’t talk about yet, so my blog posts will be less frequent. If you’d like to keep up with regular posted images, I invite you to “like” my Facebook and Instagram pages.

12 thoughts on “Studio insights

  1. I want to sit next to you in your studio and watch you work. I’ll be really, really quiet I promise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love seeing all the things you’ve done, Sally. You are so incredibly talented! I must admit that the photos taken with our phones are really excellent !
    Mary Mc

  3. Love those lammies, they made me laugh. Looking forward to your new and exciting projects. Actually, I get excited about any of your projects.

  4. I want to join the person who wants to sit in your studio and watch you work!! We’ll be really quiet!! hehe, Any chance the snail will be a pattern I can purchase? xoxox

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