The Intimate Woods

My latest piece, Birds of Beebe Woods, is included in The Intimate Woods exhibit at Highfield Hall in Falmouth, Massachusetts.  An exciting assortment of artwork will be on display throughout the building and grounds this fall. It’s all part of Beebe Woods: The Trail Leads to Our Door, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of J.K. Lilly’s gift of Beebe Woods to the Town of Falmouth.  The opening will be this Friday, September 28th, 5:00 – 7:00.

Highfield Hall’s web site describes the exhibit as follows:

The Intimate Woods: Wed., Sept. 19 – Fri., Nov. 16  Inspired by the flora, fauna and intimate details of the woodlands, this companion exhibit to Beebe Woods: The Trail Leads to Our Door features the work of ten regional fiber artists including Salley Mavor, Helen Koehler, Joyce Shutter and friends. These artists’ creative interpretations of the natural world are enlivened by a wide range of media: from hand-made papers, felting, beadwork and collage to various forms of fine needlework. This exhibition serves as a reminder that our observations of nature are ever expansive and the rare and delicate lady’s slippers barely noticed at our feet can offer as grand an experience as the stately beech trees that have reigned over Beebe Woods for decades.

Here’s a shot of Rob taking a picture of the felt covered wire border from Birds of Beebe Woods before it was all assembled. And other photo of me taking a photo.

An Irish Sojourn

Rob and I just returned from a magical visit to Ireland. We traveled with a group of Celtic music lovers who were brought together by Boston’s WGBH. The Learning Tour — An Irish Sojourn was led by WGBH radio Celtic music host Brian O’Donovan, who took us from county Cork and up the eastern coast to Dublin.

This is just a sampling of what we saw on our trip–there will be many more pictures to show in the weeks ahead. There’ll be more doorways, windows, storefronts, landscapes and moss!

Birds of Beebe Woods: cardinals


Poster - Birds of Beebe Woods

Poster – Birds of Beebe Woods

See other posts about making Birds of Beebe Woods here. A poster is available from my Etsy Shop.

Most of the birds in Birds of Beebe Woods are the colorful male variety, but I decided to add a pair of cardinals to the mix. The female is shown in her nest, which is made of florist’s rafia-like straw.


After consulting photographs of cardinals, I did a simple drawing to follow. The basic shape is cut out of matt board and the padding is basted in place. I don’t know what the padding material is made of— a friend gave me a bunch. In this case, I made a felt hood and embroidered feather patterns with variegated thread.


Then, I stitched the beak and surrounded the bead eye with several rows of black blanket stitching.


The tail has a wire armature to help keep its shape.


new “Birds” poster on Etsy

The Birds of Beeebe Woods posters have arrived! My sister, Anne Mavor did the classy graphic design. We picked a chocolate-brown background and gold lettering to set off the warm tones of the piece. The 18 x 24 posters are now available at my Etsy shop. I’ll be traveling in Ireland Sept. 11 – 20, so if you want one before I leave, place an order by Sept. 9th. Otherwise, I’ll fill any orders after I return.

Go here for more information and to see posts about making Birds of Beebe Woods.