Polly in Cuba


Polly Doll had a wonderful trip to Cuba. She rode a hood ornament, saw Ernest Hemingway’s pool…


…made friends with the “kissing lady”…


…visited a botanical garden…


…hung out in an Havana doorway…


…dined at a Paladar (private restaurant)…


…hiked through a mangrove forest…


…and enjoyed some Cuban rum.


Cuba: people


We were really struck by the expressive and engaging people in Cuba. On a popular tourist street in Havana, Polly Doll met her match with this character dressed up as a washer woman. Of course, it’s easy to feel like a repressed New Englander anywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line, especially in a Latin culture. With the exception of the cigar smoking newspaper seller, the people we encountered while waking around the city loved having their photo taken. Around every corner, there was someone interesting to see!

Cubapeople3WM Cubapeople1WM Cubapeople11WM Cubapeople6WM Cubapeople7WM Cubapeople8WM Cubapeople12WM Cubapeople14WM Cubapeople17WM Cubapeople13WM

Polly’s winter escape


Polly is leaving snowy New England for a warmer climate. She has a new outfit, as well as a special people-to-people visa for her trip to Cuba. Did I mention that Polly has a thing about Pippi Longstocking and Carmen Miranda? She’s a bit cold standing outside in the snow in her cotton skirt and blouse, but she’ll soon be sun burned and sweaty.  Stay tuned for photos of Polly’s travels upon her return!

Please Note: My Etsy Shop will be open while I’m away, but orders won’t be shipped until March 17th.

Polly’s going on a trip


Polly Doll is packed and ready to go on a trip to Ireland. She’s filled her carpet bag and basket with all of her necessities and is waiting to board the Peter Pan bus to Logan Airport. Polly missed the bus last year and she is so determined to go along this time that she will not move from her spot in front of the house. No sleeping, no bathroom breaks. And she insists on holding her carry-on luggage while she waits.

She’s hoping to show pictures of her travels on Facebook while she’s away, so check there from time to time to see where she’s been.


to the end of the world and back


The experience of  being in Antarctica cannot be adequately conveyed in photographs and words. The continent is a truly awesome part of our planet, with an environment so different and extreme that my visit was as close to being on another planet as I’ll ever experience.  From the deck of our big comfortable boat, we saw this sailing ship, with some more adventurous tourists aboard. The monochromatic scenery was breathtakingly beautiful! And everywhere there was wild life to gawk at.


We woke up a napping elephant seal pup.


We had to bundle up, but the temperatures were mild for the end of the world–in the 30’s F.


Being the height of summer, the sun was out most of the day and night.


The elephant seals sang (or grunted), “There were 9 in the bed and the little one said, roll over, roll over.”


Polly had a great time!polly

Throughout the frozen landscape, there were signs of growth, like these lichens and moss.


mossThe adorable penguins won our hearts.


And an occasional seal on an ice flow noticed our presence. Antarctica was worth the trip! My husband, Rob Goldsborough took many of the photographs I’ve shown from this trip. See more of his great pictures of Antarctica on Flickr.